If you are interested in us giving you a price for a custom video PLEASE SEND A SCRIPT OR FEEDBACK BY E-MAIL HERE! Specify "CUSTOM VIDEO" and the girl(s) name(s) in the subject line to request a custom. Once we agree on the script and purchase price by E-MAIL we will arrange payment with you usually via PAYPAL or CC.



Here is what some of our customers say about our custom work:

Hi. I'm writing to give feedback about the custom you recently made for me. Excellent job! That was as close to exactly what I wanted as I could have expected. Excellent attention to every detail in my script. Awesome job by everyone involved. Some of those camera angels were terrific and it was longer than I expected too, thanks! I have had two customs made by Resus-Fetish and one made by Biomed but yours was my favorite so far. I will definitely consider having another made at some point (I can only do it so often, they're a little pricy for my budget). It probably goes without saying but if you can work a minute or two of scenes like in my clip into future clips I will be purchasing many more clips from OPandER. Thanks again, I am very satisfied with the clip. -- Paul

You made a happy man :-) Your DVD arrived today. let me say thank you again for the beautiful vids you produced for me. They are exactly so as I imagined. I can't find words: It's so sweet an lovely; it's simply great. Thank you a tousand times. I shall ask you
to make more for me certainly!!! -- Lothar

I like your site and the shooting you made for me cause the models are beautiful, the scenes are as in the real life. The casts are perfectly made. My prefered models are Yvette, Beatrice and Benetta who are beautiful girls and wear casts perfectly. In my opinion, your site is the best of the caster’s site.
Your shootings are the best I've ever seen. -- Serge

Opander (Med Site) does excellent work, and they're always willing to go the extra mile for their customers. The models and the acting are first-rate. They blow their competition right out of the water. -- DH

I like a lot your videos, specially those from castedmemories. High definition videos are fantastic, the models, the casts, story rolles.. you do everyday a better job. You are diversifiying your clips so i have not too much to say. I enjoyed a lot the custom video i asked you last year. -- Aitor

I have enjoyed the clips I have purchased from Opander. They are well made and the actresses as are very convincing. My only regret is the language barrier. I cannot understand what is said, so cannot fully enjoy the videos -- Graeme

(Read all information below carefully)

A custom video is a personalized video we produce for you to fulfill a fantasy, with specific scenarios you describe. The difference between a custom video and the stock videos above is that YOU DIRECT the action in your video.   If you purchase a stock video, what you see is what you get and the content may not EXACTLY meet your preferences. If you like your foot fetish needs catered to individually, we recommend you seriously consider this option and request a custom video. That way you get what you... and not what someone else wanted! Videos are filmed with high quality digital camcorders by professional videographers. The quality of the video/dvd is such that you can count our individual pubic hairs.....and freckles!

We film alone or together with select girlfriends and/or our own male partners. Please DO NOT ask if you can come watch us film or appear in a video. Filming partners vary depending upon availablability....and when.  If you are interested in multiple girlfriends doing a video together select the video girls you want and we will indicate availability and price. We are NOT professional models or actresses. You get real amateur video material. Orgasms are don't ask!  We only film content that we are comfortable with and will honestly enjoy. We provide sample pictures so you know what we look like, so please don't ask for additional samples.


Please send us a brief outline or description that includes the following: 

  • Length of completed video (15 minute increments ONLY)
  • Setting you prefer -- if important (bedroom, couch, bathroom, etc.)
  • Clothing desired & color -- if important (thong, stockings, mohair, etc. )
  • List of props required (stocking types, shoe types, etc.)
  • Angles of filming preferred:  mostly close-up, varied zooms, tripod mounted, etc.  If you don't specify, the shots will be a good variety.
Requested scenario: You provide us a short script of what you want to see!  Let us know how personalized you want the video (do you want us to use your name, etc.?) We DO NOT memorize dialogue, so please don't ask.  We ask for included dialogue in your script to understand what you want (ie:  dirty talk,  sweet and innocent, etc.)   The more detail we get, the better the video outcome. We take any custom request into consideration.  But please keep in mind that the following are definite NO-NO's...... Filming with strangers, doing anything harmful to our health and any activity illegal in our area or yours. If you have questions, please ask!

While we have a assortment of clothing, lingerie and props you may be required to supply certain items.  If we don't have what you require for the video, we can locate it, but you are responsible for the purchase expense which would be incorporated into your final price for the video. It better for you to supply the items necessary.   If you require return of the items, you will be responsible for the shipping fee. Be sure to specify any required options on items specified.

If you are interested in us giving you a price for a custom video PLEASE SEND A SHORT SCRIPT BY E-MAIL HERE! Please specify "CUSTOM VIDEO" and the girl(s) name(s) you are requesting in the subject line.


We do not film videos every day! Our usual time-frame for completion is 2-4 weeks from order confirmation and received payment. This also depends upon the props and attire you require. If we need to order something or go out and shop for something.... you'll need to allow additional time! Videos will most likely take from 4-6 weeks for completion. WE DO NOT START PRODUCTION ON A VIDEO UNTIL WE RECEIVE CONFIRMATION AND PAYMENT ON THE ORDER. We DO NOT do custom video overnight delivery. Once videos are filmed, they are mastered and dubbed to the copy you receive. We typically allow you to download the finished clip.


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