OPandER Sample

      LLWC: Kati: Fashion: Black & White

      LLWC-HB: Kati: Casual/Skirt: Plaster, Plants, Flip Flops

      SLC: Kati: Casual/Dress: From Crutch to Gimp

      SLC: Kati: Fashion: My Cute Red Shoe... & Plaster

      SLC: Kati: Fashion: Night Out Gimping

      SLC: Kati: Fashion: Kitchen Help

      SLC: Kati: Casual/Pants: Hello Cast Kitty Sock

      SLC: Kati: Work: Foot Where?

      SLC: Kati: Work: Stockroom Problems

      SLC: Kati: Work: My One Comfortable Shoe

      SLC: Kati: Casual/Pants: Getting Used to Plaster

      SLC: Kati: Fashion: Like My Toes?

      SLWC: Kati: Fashion: New Shoe

      SLWC: Kati: Fashion: Doubles

      SLWC: Kati: Fashion: Lil Black Dress

      SLWC: Kati: Jeans: Cold Day, Chilly Toes

      SLWC: Kati: Casual/Skirt: Hanging Out

      SLWC: Kati: Casual/Skirt: Vamping in Plaster

      SLWC: Kati: Fashion: Sexy Black & White

      SLWC: Kati: Jeans: Plastered Bar Girl

      SLWC: Kati: Jeans: Cafe & Bar

      SLWC: Kati: Casual/Sweats: Sweats & Plaster

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